So you need an exclusive and original beat? The best solution is to have a tailored beat made from your specific requirements. ODXC can produce an exclusive beat for you that you can own*. Use the form below to enquiry about discounts on multiple track orders and packages.

Tailor-made Music

ODXC will produce custom music according to your taste and requirements. The music is original & exclusively produced for you only, and can’t be resold by ODXC. 100% ownership granted to you (Master) for unlimited New works, distribution, sales, promotional activities, TV/Radio broadcast, concerts & any public performance*.

What we offer

To produce an instrumental/beat (without lyrics) according to your request, taste and needs, arrangement or songwriting (composition+arrangement).

The opportunity to work with a music producer who has over 5 years of experience in the industry.

What you will get

A unique original custom-made beat / instrumental – High Quality digital audio file in MP3 & WAV format.


Full control over the mix and multiple revisions upon request. Stems or all audio files of the music, available for download (format: wav audio files, 44 kHz/24 bits).

The Process

1/ Deposit

Upon receipt of non-refundable 50% of the agreed payment, ODXC will begin production on beat(s) requested.

2/ Ideas & Requirements

First let us know about your idea. You can tell us what genre the beat should be in, mood, tempo, structure - whatever you think is the important to achieve your song.

3/ Sample/Draft Beats

We will send you a link to sample beats from which you can choose the one you like. These draft beat(s) will be sent via a private Soundcloud link.

4/ Feedback 

Based on your feedback, which you will write through a private link on Soundcloud, we will edit the song so that you are 100% satisfied.(This will depend on which package you choose).

5/ Final Payment

Once the beat is completed and all modifications and requests are finalised, you will pay the remaining 50% of the agreed amount. Please note, this payment will be made in advance to our bank account.

6/ Delivery of finished beat

Once we have received the payment, the producer will deliver to the client a stereo mix master (WAV file) and separated multi-tracks/stems of the custom song produced.*

Contractual provisions for Custom Beats are as follows:

  • Co-Copyright: ODXC retains copyright of instrumental, Client retains copyright of lyrical composition.

  • Co-Publishing: Both parties retain publishing rights.

  • Producer royalties due to ODXC based on sales.

  • Must Credit the producer – Prod. By ODXC

*Dependent on package selected

Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value


    Valid for one month
    • Custom Beat
    • 4 Sample/Draft Beats to choose from
    • Individual Stems
    • Exclusive License
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • Live Performance Tracks
    • 1-On-1 Workflow
    • 1 Hour Call
    • Mixing & Mastering (Including Vocals)
  • Standard

    Valid for one month
    • Custom Beat
    • 2 Sample/Draft Beats to choose from
    • Non - Exclusive License /Leasing
    • 3 Revisions
    • 1-On-1 Workflow
    • Mixing & Mastering (Excluding Vocals)
  • Premium

    Valid for one month
    • Custom Beat
    • 3 Sample/Draft Beats to choose from
    • Individual Stems
    • Exclusive License
    • 5 Revisions
    • 1-On-1 Workflow
    • 30 Minute Call
    • Mixing & Mastering (Including Vocals)
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