Poem: "Colour blind" By Uma Rana

Updated: Sep 16

By Uma Rana

It isn’t the fact that I am brown

But the way you look me up and down

These assumption you gather with such biased haze

Without me even uttering a sound or even a single phrase

You look strangely at my beautiful clothes that I adorn

It never registers that I’m not part of your norm

When I speak, to you my mother tongue sounds alien

You look shocked and disgusted it’s simple, you fool I’m Indian

These words of my forefathers flutter naturally in plain sight

Don’t you understand the world isn’t just every shade of white

Why do you need to put everyone in wooden boxes

Multiculturalism isn’t a game of noughts and crosses

I heard a lady say I never knew it was so bad

Blinkered and ignorant it makes me so mad

My whole life witnessing this oppressive state

I will overcome this by showing you love never hate

Walk in my shoes one day for the sake of mankind

I have a dream, to see, one day, a world that is colour blind

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