Poem:"In Between" By Uma Rana

Updated: Sep 16

Do you understand English?

Lol! yes I was just thinking what to say

Oh I thought you didn’t understand , because you’re an in between

When you try to speak Gujarati

Your voice is so cute

Your words sound so white

Is this the sounds of an in between

So do you celebrate Christmas? Yes!

Oh you do! I didn’t realise

What is the religion for an in between

Indian gods, that’s who you should pray to

Can’t I just be impartial

No You must chose, you can’t be an in between

Attics empty no antiques

Oh! immigrants from the Raj

Is this the identity of an in between

Why do i have to take my shoes off

It’s Indian etiquette

Not if I feel I’m an in between

Wow! never been to Butlins

Only Bhaji on the beach

Is this the culture of an in between

Never heard of jabberwocky

Hmm!! parents aren’t British

You are so a product of an in between

Can I bring a boy home?

Hell no! This is not our way

Restrictions imposed on an in between

Where are you from really?

I’m English

Liar! Your skin colour looks like an in between

Don’t forget your roots, where you came from

But, I am British

Fool! Don’t try to be an in between

When will I be able to be just me

No colour, nor culture or religion

But where do i belong if I’m not an in between

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