Spoken Word: "Protected" by Phinihas Newham

Updated: Sep 16

By Phinihas Newham

Protected, Protected, Protected

The Pulse of the heart,

Catching my last breath,

To say the mental oppression continues to spread like cancer only sweetens the the subject as time and economical oppression eclipse the truth

True action, True Justice, Truth, what is the truth?

But to be empowered?

But to be heard

The Pulse of the heart,

You question my sanity because my skin challenges your unsavoury animosity,

How do I help my kids stay sane?

Stomuch turning, his knee is on my neck,

How do I help my unbourn black kid become a better human?

I feel the anger behind the weight of his body on my veins,

How do I help my young black kids become better communicators with their friends, with their family?

Black Out

Possibilites, opportunities

A choice is where it starts to redefine my name,

A choice taken away from me to redefine my past, my future, the present,

This chock hold, economical concrete chains binding my hand and feet mentally occupying all my mental foundations,

Teachings taken from generations before me,

So now I lay here, hands behind my back,

A systems tool perfectly built to kill me,

A identity forced upon me, prison number 5215-4 sentenced to the grounds beneath me, concrete pressed to my face,

I think I have lost it all, the lie,

I never had it in the first place,

I search for respect the last time I caught w glimpse of the officers eyes,

I search for respect as the tears run,

I search for respect as my eyes dry out,

My body and soul shivers and I see the last glimmer of light.

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