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ODXC announces a brand new studio release: "In The Dungeon: Chapter One"


ODXC is an executive producer and director who pioneered a phenomenal release with an incredibly immersive and diverse sound. His music is a combination of different genres and sonic aesthetics, most notably Hip-Hop and Drill, but his creativity is not solely limited to these particular sounds. 


"In The Dungeon: Chapter One" is a perfect example of this excellent creative balance, showcasing the artist’s personality, and his ability to make music and visuals that sets the bar higher in terms of personality and innovation. This release features the artists: Black Lotus GRP, Kaixari, Big Romes, Jibbzy, M3gg4, Koko Lé Darko & Mello Dee. 


One of the most amazing things about "In The Dungeon: Chapter One” is the fact that each artist has something quite special to offer. ODXC’s work as an executive producer and director on this release was important to make sure there was a certain level of consistency, binding these songs together and making the EP more of a unit, rather than just a collection of different artists. There is a strong sense of identity that fuels these tracks together. "In The Dungeon: Chapter One” stands out as a fantastic and immersive listening experience that’s definitely worth taking the time to listen to from start to finish.

The project is going to be released with visual content to accompany the music. ODXC isn’t just a producer who has mixed and mastered the records, but also someone who curated a true visual experience. Starting from March 2nd, every week will be dedicated to each track and will run for a total of 5 weeks. The content will include behind the scenes footage of every session, as well as pictures, sound visualizers, music videos and so much more.


The project will be available from the 26th of February across all digital music streaming platforms. Only time will tell, but this release is definitely deserving of a Chapter Two, and many more, as there is so much potential to be unveiled.

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